Why you’re here

We’ve talked, or you’ve heard me talk. Now you want to get in touch or find my stuff. That’s the purpose of this page.

You may have promised to send me an article or a recipe, or I may have promised to send you something. Remind me.

I recently wrote a book on how to be more creative (a sample chapter can be found here).

I’d really like it if you bought a copy. Either the lavish hardbound edition or as a Kindle ebook.


My stuff

Get in touch

An address where you can to write to me: david.deleon@inuse.se

Me bragging over at LinkedIn.

The company inUse, where I work.


Some things that I’ve written

Essays on design critique, UX design, and creativity over at Medium.

Some of my academic papers.


Design critique cards

I created a set of cards with over 50 questions designed to probe and critique a piece of interactive design.

Read about the cards here.

Download the cards as a print-at-home pdf.

Buy a pack of physical cards.

Use the virtual deck over at designcritiquecards.com


Fun, weird, and profound

A pamphlet that I have written and which I am selling to magicians and mind readers. All proceeds go to the effective and worthy Fistula Foundation.

My counterfactual book publishing at vanitypressbooks.com

My personal project to gradually purge myself of material possessions.

My non book-reviews over at YouTube.

Photo credit

Header photograph taken at the From Business to Buttons conference in 2018 by Beatrice Bolmgren.