Smoke machines in mentalism

The definitive work on the use of smoke in mentalism

The most up to date, complete, and revolutionary treatment of the various uses of smoke machines in mentalism (perhaps the only work). An essay of pure unadulterated creativity, breaking new ground and punching a hole in the mentalism–mental magic dichotomy.

Find out how to use smoke as part of your fauxcess, as a visual metaphor, for gags, psychokinetic effects, and to reveal the thoughts of your participants.

Limited edition pamphlet that has been hand xeroxed, hand stapled, hand cut, numbered and signed by the author, then placed in an envelope and stamps licked by a human tongue.

All profits that accrue will be donated to the Fistula Foundation, which provides restorative surgery to mothers with obstetric fistula. Since you are contributing to a worthy course, you can’t really be disappointed in the length or quality of the pamphlet.

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