Why you’re here

We’ve talked, or you’ve heard me talk. You would like to get in touch, find some of my stuff, or work together. That’s the main purpose of this page.

You may have promised to send me an article or a recipe for Palak Paneer, or I may have promised to send you something. Please drop me an e-mail and remind me.

If you are thinking of hiring me to work with you, you may want to head over to LinkedIn and see a long list of things I’ve done.

beyond tellerrand

I will be speaking at beyond tellerrand (or perhaps that has already happened  as you read this). At the conference I am likely to mention the cards that I made for getting feedback on your presentations. Here is a link to the medium article describing the cards (and giving links to pdfs you can download and print).

The design feedback handbook

I am currently in the throes of finishing a book on the topic of design feedback. I’m about 95% done and struggling with the final 5%. The final 5% is surely the hardest.

To push me through the final stretch I am starting to talk about the book and to promise things. If you are attending at beyond tellerand (or unexpectedly on this page for some other reason) I would like to offer you a 15% discount on the cover price when the book comes out later this year.

All you have to do is send me an email with the title “15% discount” and I will let you know when the book has been released (and provide you with a discount code). I will never spam your email and I promise that anything I send will be either useful or funny, or both.

I am also starting to look for podcasts and conferences where I can talk about the gentle art of design feedback (and the upcoming book). Just wanted to let you know.

Photo credit: Ola Nilsson

A couple of years ago I wrote and self-published a cute little book on how to be more creative (a sample chapter can be found here).

I still have some copies left in the lavish limited edition hardback. There is also an inexhaustible digital supply in the Kindle ebook format and as an audiobook (recently narrated in my closet).


Header photograph by Pegah Zarassi.